Montreal lost to Sydney the right to accept WorldPride 2023 (PHOTOS)

Монреаль уступил Сиднею право принимать WorldPride 2023 (ФОТО)

Australian Sydney walked around Montreal in the fight for the chance to take WorldPride in 2023.

The Australian metropolis was given to 60% of the vote, while Montreal received 36%, and Texas Austin was satisfied with only three.

Initiative to apply for the holding in Montreal, the international festival of the LGBT community, received from the organizers of the annual pride-festival city, which attracts thousands of tourists, bringing into the city Treasury about $ 15 million a year.

The application was accompanied by a four-minute video, highlighting the diversity of the city, the highlight of which was a short appearance in the end of the video Quebec superstar Celine Dion wrapped in a rainbow flag.

Host city selected by the International Association of pride coordinators was announced Sunday morning in Athens.

In 2014, Toronto was the first North American city that receives the event.