Montreal mafia: boss Raynald Desjardins is free again

Montreal Mafia: Caïd Raynald Desjardins is on the loose again


Raynald Desjardins, one of the most influential players in the Montreal Mafia of the last three decades, gets another chance to regain his freedom.

The Liberation Commission Canada (CLCC) consented last Friday to the most recent request from the 68-year-old Laval resident, who is still considered by police authorities to be a leader of organized crime, our Bureau of Investigation learned.

On April 15, 2021, Desjardins was granted statutory release after serving two-thirds of his sentence for “planning the murder of a rival in the context of a power struggle”, according to the PBC, either would-be godfather Salvatore Montagna, who was shot and killed in November 2011 in Charlemagne. 

But a month later, he was taken back behind bars when police found Desjardins was breaking his conditions of release since a criminal bodyguard connected to the Hells Angels accompanied him on all his trips. 

The former confidant of the late godfather Vito Rizzuto will therefore have served an additional 16 months of incarceration, which passed without “ any problem ” according to the PBC.


Desjardins, whose brother-in-law Joe Di Maulo was the head of the Calabrian faction of the Italian mafia before he was shot and killed in the fall of 2012, reiterated to authorities that he is currently “retired or in semi-retirement”, as much in the underworld as in the workplace.

Several other relatives of Desjardins were also murdered during years of internal struggles between Sicilian and Calabrian mafia clans, including his older brother Jacques, whose disappearance in 2017 is being investigated for homicide by the Sûreté du Québec. 

In 2021, police forces feared the return of Raynald Desjardins in the Montreal region. 

According to our sources, the police feared that the latter was trying to “make a master”. once and for all with the Rizzuto clan, on whom he has turned his back since being sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1994 for having orchestrated the importation of 750 kg of cocaine with the mafia and the Hells Angels. < /p>

However, these fears have since subsided.

According to our information, Desjardins still enjoys strong support among the Hells. At the same time, the bikers maintain a lucrative business relationship with the Rizzuto clan and they seem to want to avoid a resumption of hostilities within the mafia. 

The PBC nevertheless imposes many ”  special conditions» that the one who ran a construction company at the time of his last arrest must respect as soon as he returns to the community.

In particular, he is prohibited from being in the presence of criminals, from being in establishments linked to the organized crime and owning more than one cell phone. He must also provide a periodic report of his personal finances to the authorities.

– With Félix Séguin


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