Montreal mechanic charged with tampering with odometers

Montréal mechanic charged with odometer tampering< /p> UPDATE DAY

A dishonest Montreal garage owner who backed up odometers before selling them must immediately cease his business activities following an injunction issued a few days ago by the Superior Court.

On August 3, the Superior Court issued a permanent injunction ordering Farih Solemani and the Auto Farih business to cease trading in road vehicles without the permit required by the Consumer Protection Act, d 'stop “falsely claiming that road vehicles have a mileage that they do not have”.

On March 9, the delegate president of the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) had revoked the road vehicle trader's license that had been issued to Auto Farih “because the company was no longer able to conduct its business activities honestly and competently”.

Two months later , 31 counts were served on Mr. Solemani and Au to Farih, for replacing odometers without adjusting them to show the true mileage, for using non-compliant contracts when selling vehicles and for failing to attach the window label to the contract.

“Failure to comply with such an injunction constitutes contempt of court, punishable by imprisonment,” recalled the OPC.