More and more “brown bins” in small municipalities

More and more “brown bins” in small municipalities


Even if a third of the municipalities in Quebec still do not have a composting strategy, many of them have turned to RECYC-QUÉBEC for the implementation of the famous brown bin. 

Three years from the deadline set by Quebec for the introduction of the brown bin, demand for the domestic and residential composting assistance program is increasing. This program is intended for communities of less than 5,000 inhabitants who wish to make the switch to composting. Until August 31, small municipalities can submit their project.

A total of 61 projects have already been accepted and have received funding.

“For a municipality that does not has not yet chosen its approach, on our website, there are management scenarios to properly assess, according to its territorial reality, [compost needs]. What would be the most efficient, the most efficient, at the most reasonable cost?” explained Sophie Langlois-Blouin, Vice-President, Operations Performance at RECYC-QUÉBEC.

In most cases, municipalities choose the brown bin collection option. Community or household compost is also a popular option.

The Quebec government reminds that all municipalities in the province are recycling organic materials by 2025.