More changes in schools await students. Przemysław Czarnek reveals everything

As we read in the media, in the presented gov tech report there was a plan to introduce a new subject at school.

Students are waiting for more changes in schools. Przemysław Czarnek reveals everything

On September 14 this year, on Wednesday, the Gov-Tech report was presented in the building of the Warsaw School of Economics. As it turns out, the ministry of education and science decided that young people in secondary schools will learn a subject called business and management.

Przemysław Czarnek wants students to work in groups at the matura exam

The minister of education and science, Przemysław Czarnek, revealed to the media that the new subject will be practical in the field of entrepreneurship understood generally in every area of ​​life.

As he stated, the government wants the subject of business and management in the matriculation examination it was also practical. The politician noted that during the matriculation examination, young people would work on this subject in groups.

He called this idea a novelty on an unprecedented scale. He also emphasized that the introduction of a new business and management subject would concern secondary schools. As it turns out, the government wants the new business and management subject to replace the subject of entrepreneurship on September 1 next year. working with entrepreneurial organizations, they will handle it very well , he said of teachers in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship who will have to take over a new subject at the expense of the old one.