More efficient ‘Greenpeace’ and Greta Thunberg: as the pandemic coronavirus saves the planet

Pandemic coronavirus compared with world war II. At the same time, scientists are striking in an unexpected statement: “the virus century” had a positive impact on the ecological situation on the planet, writes 24tv. How and what will happen next?

Эффективнее 'Гринписа' и Греты Тунберг: как пандемия коронавируса спасает планету

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Recently NASA and the European space Agency announced optimistic news: satellites have recorded a significant reduction in the level of air pollution in China and neighboring countries. For clarity, NASA unveiled two photos from space. Compare for yourself: on the ground – the situation in China from 1 to 20 January, the second from 10 to 25 February, after Chinese authorities imposed a quarantine.

Эффективнее 'Гринписа' и Греты Тунберг: как пандемия коронавируса спасает планету

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Researcher air quality NASA FEI Liu said that for the first time, my own observations have seen such a sharp decline in air pollution in China, write “News”.

Cause “cleaning” of China is quite clear – the quarantine provides for the closure or restriction of work of the enterprises, plus limiting the movement of all modes of transport. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 25%, and extremely harmful nitrogen oxide (NO2) – 37%! Even environmental optimists couldn’t imagine that just a month can occur such dramatic positive change. And this despite the fact that China is one of the biggest pollutants on the planet (every year, China accounts for about 30% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the world).

In fact, over a month and a half, China has not reproduced some 200 million tons of carbon dioxide, and that more than half of the total annual emissions of the UK.

According to Professor Marshall Burke, every year in China because of air pollution is killing hundreds of thousands of people. According to him, those six months without emissions from Chinese factories have saved the lives of nearly 70 thousand people.

The Copernicus satellite Sentinel-5P the European space Agency showed that in Northern Italy also observed a significant reduction in emissions of nitrogen dioxide since the establishment of restrictions in the region, writes “Today”.

According to NASA, over the last month over Europe is almost two times reduced emissions of nitrogen dioxide. The European space Agency now reports that it is especially noticeable in Milan, the streets of which two months ago was filled with cars and tourists.

Subsequently, a similar improvement was also recorded in other countries where flashed “home” coronavirus and the government imposed quarantine. So it was in South Korea, Iran and Italy. Now this trend can be seen in France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland…

The researchers told the BBC that the carbon monoxide emissions, mostly from cars in new York fell by almost 50% compared to last year. According to estimates, traffic levels will decrease by 35% and CO2 emissions in the city will decrease by 5-10 %. Methane emissions also decreased. Even in Los Angeles, a city known for its heavy pollution and smog, there was a dramatic improvement in air quality after people EN masse decided to stay at home. It is projected that in connection with the reduction of air emissions will decrease in all countries of the world.

“I expect that in may we will have the smallest increase in peak CO2 levels that we recorded in the Northern hemisphere since 2009 or even earlier,” said Professor Rossin of Commere of Columbia University, who conducted monitoring of the air in new York.

However, after the lifting of the quarantine of industrial emissions into the atmosphere will increase. After the global financial crisis in 2008-2009, the emissions increased by 5%, as fossil fuel consumption has increased significantly. The same situation could be repeated in 2020-2021 years.

Ukraine is no exception. First of all – Kiev. The quarantine is in effect only for a week but already notice positive changes: according SaveEcoBot, greenhouse gas emissions and nitrogen oxide have been reduced dramatically. About changes in the environment of the capital mentioned by President Vladimir Zelensky during his address to Ukrainians on the introduction of quarantine.

“For the first time in Kiev sharply fell to the level of air pollution. And it can not but rejoice…” — said the President.

When the quarantine will be long and such production of mega-cities as Mariupol, the Dnepr, Kamensk and Voroshilovgrad, temporarily to stop work of factories and mines, it has a significant impact on the ecological state of the whole country.

But the most striking example of environmental “rehabilitation” showed the famous Venice, which is located in the epicenter of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy. Photos and videos of the now deserted tourist Mecca spread all over the world. After thousands of motor boats tied to shore, a miracle happened: a few days the water around the city and in the channels has become transparent! To the shores of Venice returned to the swans and even dolphins, which was not seen in a long time.

Residents share their emotions in social networks:

“I have a bit of positivity for you – I wrote one of them. Following the imposition of quarantine in Venice without the pollution from boat channels cleared and they spotted the dolphins. For the first time in 60 years!”

While these are isolated cases, but still – impressive!

Why clean air will help to cope with a pandemic?

Scientists say that between the quality of atmospheric air and a person’s ability to resist infectious diseases are inextricably linked. The environment is one of the key factors that forms the immune system.

Many years of environmental pollution in the event of a pandemic will increase the spread and exacerbate the effects of infectious diseases.

According to the Director of the Observatory Hugo Francois Gemenne, “the number of deaths from the coronavirus in the end may be the lesser evil if you consider the deaths from air pollution” and recalled that every year in the world due to contamination of air and water dies more than 8 million people.

Now mankind is reaping the fruits of decades of relentless pollution of the planet in the race for economic growth. Now the priority was the preservation of lives and rational use of resources. Pandemic should teach people to be more responsible to the environment and to rebuild the value of many of the countries with the status of industrial giants.

The story goes: humanity even after the large-scale environmental disasters do not always make the right decisions. But now during quarantine enforcement – we saw the environment can be saved. The environmental situation is not hopeless. That is, the coronavirus has done for the salvation of the Earth much more than before all the governments, scientists, GreenPeace and Greta Thunberg together. And we are talking not only about specific environmental actions or plans of countries, politicians, businessmen or ordinary citizens. Pandemic coronavirus has fundamentally changed the consciousness of people, the personal and the collective. And this is our chance to save the planet.

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