More expensive to heat with oil this winter

More expensive to heat with oil this winter


Even if there are still fewer homes that heat with oil in Quebec, households that still use this source of energy will have to pay more this winter.  

The average price of a liter of fuel oil, which was $1.40 in Quebec last winter, is currently at $1.65, according to the Régie de l' energy, an increase of 18%. 

The war in Ukraine has had an impact on fuel prices since the outbreak of the conflict. 

“In Europe, there are there is a shortage of product there and so it affects us in North America as well. It's an incredible impact that we've never seen,” explains the president of Pétroles S. Racine, Stéphane Racine. 

Nearly 200,000 homes heat with oil in the province.&nbsp ;

Despite the government subsidies to switch to electricity, it can be very expensive to completely change the heating system.

“With the rise and the cold approaching, we have a lot of price requests on the phone, people try to haggle. We try to work with them to give them a chance,” says Mr. Racine, who finds this increase worrying.