More modern working conditions demanded in CEGEPs

More modern working conditions demanded in colleges


Quebec must offer CEGEPs more modern and competitive working conditions to meet the difficulties of attracting and retaining professional staff.

At least that's what the Federation of Professional Staff of the Colleges believes, which filed its sectoral demands on Monday with the Management Negotiating Committee of the Colleges, including a global remuneration allowing recognition of the role of professional staff.

Faced with the serious shortage workforce, the union affiliated with the CSQ is calling for more flexibility in order to retain professional staff capable of offering quality professional services.

“We must create the conditions that will contribute to attracting and retaining professional staff who have developed the specific expertise for the proper functioning and development of our establishments”, indicated in a press release Éric Cyr, President of the FPPC-CSQ.

“Recognitionheskills, professional autonomy, the possibility of meeting various challenges, the balance between work and personal life and the need for a competitive total compensation will be at the heart of the next negotiations,” mentioned Mr. Cyr.