More than $1 million: a resident of Seattle recovered from COVID-19 and was shocked by the bill for medical services

70-year-old resident of Seattle Michael Flor had severe COVID-19, but in the end was able to defeat the coronavirus, says Fox News. However, the bill for treatment scared a man is not less of the disease.

Больше $1 млн: житель Сиэтла излечился от COVID-19 и был потрясен счетом за медуслуги

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Flor was in the hospital for 62 days, and was shocked to received the bill.

The man admitted that seeing the document, I could not resist and commented on its non-literary word.

The account contained 181 page, and the total amount therein amounted to $ 1.1 million.

Fortunately, since 70-year-old man has good insurance and Medicare, they likely will have to pay only a small portion of this amount.

There is a possibility that he won’t have to pay because the treatment COVID-19, according to Federal and local regulations, should be free of charge for patients in most cases.

The huge bill includes the following services:

  • 408 912 dollars for 42 days in intensive care, in a special chamber that prevents the spread of the virus.
  • $ 100,000 is the treatment of the heart, kidneys and lungs, which gave numerous failures during his illness.
  • 82 $ 215, 29 days on the ventilator (IVL).

“I feel guilt for having survived, confessed Flor. — I can’t shake the question: why me? What did I do to deserve this? But the incredible value of the services saved my life, and only reinforces the guilt of the survivors.”

The man explained that he feels guilty for understanding that his medical costs now covered by taxpayers and other insurance clients.

“A million dollars to save my life… of Course, I believe that the money is well spent, he says. But I also understand that many will disagree with me”.



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