More than 10 variants: in the United States to receive financial assistance during a pandemic COVID-19

Coronavirus causes economic damage to individuals and families around the world. Whether due to job loss, rising medical bills or bundles of a number of other reasons, many people face financial difficulties: the virus continues to spread, leading to plant closures, reminiscent of Fox News.

Более 10 вариантов: как в США получить финансовую помощь во время пандемии COVID-19

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Some States are taking steps to help its citizens to maintain financial stability during outbreaks, such as protection from penalties for late payment of rent. There are also several resources that you can turn to for help.

The government has created a website which offers the users various options to benefits and care during the outbreak of coronavirus. The site even offers a questionnaire, which aims to help users determine what benefits apply to them.

For those who have lost their jobs, the labor Department offers unemployment benefits, which may include additional unemployment assistance in case of disaster.

Small business Association the U.S. is ready to help small business owners and nonprofit organizations affected by the outbreak, offering low-interest loans to 2 million dollars in 30 States and Washington, DC.

Similarly, the Jewish free loan Association offers loans to those who have suffered from outbreaks without any additional fees or interest.

Maintenance workers and those who depend on tips, have the opportunity to ask for help in the organization of One Fair Wage.

CORE, an organization dedicated to providing resources and support for workers in the food and drink, with children, offers financial assistance to persons with a positive result on COVID-19. Medical documentation is required.

Restaurants Care the organization provides grants to individuals with confirmed coronavirus infection, those who care for them, and their immediate families.

A program of emergency assistance to bartenders offers bartenders grants or their children, who “lacks the necessities of life” in times of crisis.

For those who have to pay student loans, Savi and Student Debt Crisis offer help which can reduce their monthly payments to zero.

The national Alliance of domestic workers has established a special Fund for workers such as nannies and cleaners.

Here you will find a list of organizations offering financial assistance to those involved in art.



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