More than 100 cities and counties of Virginia declared themselves safe havens for gun owners

Dozens of counties and cities in the state of Virginia declare themselves sanctuaries of the Second Amendment in explicit revolt against the proposals of the legislature of the state of new restrictions on firearms. This writes Fox News.

Более 100 городов и округов Вирджинии объявили себя убежищами для владельцев оружия

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The movement has gained so many supporters that the Virginia attorney mark herring issued an Advisory opinion, reminding residents that such a resolution on “asylum” are not valid.

“I believe that these resolutions are not legally binding, said herring. — I also believe that local authorities and local constitutional officials can’t revoke the laws of the state and must comply with the measures for the prevention of violence with weapons”.

More than 100 cities, towns and counties made the decision to become a haven for weapons.

The controversy emerged just before the Democrats for the first time since 1996 took control of the Senate and House of representatives of Virginia. The Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam has promised to accept “restrictions on the wearing of firearms”.

It is expected that the new General Assembly will vote on two bills, including SB 16, SB 18, which prohibits the possession of assault weapons, raise the minimum age of purchase to 21 years and require data validation for any transfer of firearms.

“It’s an invasion of personal rights,” said Jim wood, owner of gun shop in Staunton.

Wood said that the Second Amendment “explicitly States that we are allowed to carry a gun.”

“When they start to take it apart to pieces, then suddenly, this translates into laws against guns, which is already taking in some of the States,” he said.

League for the protection of the citizens of Virginia (VCDL), a group for the protection of gun rights, says that 85 out of 95 counties of Virginia have already approved the so-called measures to ensure that asylum. At least nine towns and 17 villages did the same.

The group also plans to protest on January 20 at the Capitol steps. VCDL has published photos showing the crowds in the meetings of the Board of observers in more than a dozen settlements.

VCDL has posted a video demonstrating the rapid growth of the resolutions on asylum since November 2019, when Democrats got their majority in power in the state.

States across the U.S., including Florida, California, new Mexico and Washington, have passed or considered similar measures.

“The ban on weapons that can be entered in the state may cause violation of the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” — said in VCDL.

Governor Northam, it seemed, was not concerned about the reaction of the population. “I don’t think there’s anything worth a fear,” he said.

But, according to the President of VCDL, Philip van cleave, the Democrats woke “the sleeping giant” and “declared war on the gun owners of Virginia”.