More than 3,000 railroad employees on strike (PHOTO)

Более 3,000 сотрудников железной дороги бастуют (ФОТО)

About 3,200 conductors, machinists and other employees of the National Railways went on strike after the Union and company are unable to agree by the deadline at midnight.

The Union Teamsters Canada Rail Conference warned in October that they are ready to start the protest after more than six months of unsuccessful negotiations. Staff then provided a 72-hour notice of the planned strike if no agreement is reached during contract negotiations Tuesday.

The company also stated that its offer to transfer consideration of contract in binding arbitration was rejected by the Union. The action of the previous contract employees, who work mainly in the major urban centres of Canada, expired on July 22.

The representative of the trade Union of railway workers Christopher Mona said that they are still in negotiations with the National railway in the hope to reach an agreement as soon as possible and put an end to the strike.

The Union also claims that the passengers of the three largest cities in the country will not suffer because of the strike. We are talking about users of Go Transit in Toronto, Exo in Montreal and West Coast Express in Vancouver.

Employees who on July 23 – without a contract, saying that they are concerned about long working hours, fatigue, and what they believe to be unsafe working conditions.

The dispute comes as the national Railways confirmed on Friday that killing jobs throughout the railroad, as is the case with the weakening North American economy, which has undermined demand.