More than 60% of the inhabitants of the Earth: how much money from all the billionaires

All billionaires in the world (a total of 2153 people) total possess a large number of money than 4.6 billion poorest people on Earth. These data are presented in a new study by Oxfam, specializing in the fight against poverty, says Meduza.

Больше, чем у 60% жителей Земли: сколько денег у всех миллиардеров

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The study authors also noted that the 22 richest person in the world in total have a greater status than all women of Africa (almost 600 million). One percent richest people in the world richer than 6.9 billion people.

The study authors noted that in their opinion, the large separation is based on the flawed and sexist economic system that values the wealth of the privileged few, mostly men, says Oxfam.

Taking care of others, cooking, cleaning, collecting water and firewood are important everyday tasks for the well-being of societies, communities and economy. Heavy and unequal payment for work perpetuates gender and economic inequality.

“That has to change. Governments around the world must act now to build a human economy that would value what is really important to society, not podpityvaet endless pursuit of profit and wealth,” — say the authors of the study.

Investing in a national system and the introduction of progressive taxation, including taxation of wealth and the adoption of laws in favor of caregivers are possible and important first steps.