More than a third of Ukrainians are faced with financial difficulties due to quarantine survey

Already 90% of Ukrainians say that because of the quarantine they had new problems. And last week the number of those who are faced with financial difficulties, increased to 36%.

Уже больше трети украинцев столкнулась с финансовыми трудностями из-за карантина — опрос

This is evidenced by data survey, conducted by R&B Group.

So, the sociologists interviewed on 1400 respondents, 28 March – 3 April 4 – April 11. It turned out that during the week the number of those who are faced with problems on quarantine has increased. At the very beginning of the month about financial difficulties, including the loss of sources of income, said 30% of respondents, last week, the number of such respondents has increased by 6% to 36%.

Slightly decreased the number of respondents who are concerned about the health of loved ones due to the coronavirus. During the first wave of the survey, there were 30%, second — 28%. More respondents began to worry because of the uncertainty of the situation: in early April of Ukrainians was 15%, and after a week their number had increased to 18%.

Fear of Contracting coronavirus occurred during the first wave of the survey, 17% of Ukrainians during the second — 16%. The difficulty is to constantly stay at home, there were first 15% of the respondents, and later their number increased to 17%.

For the week from 14% to 16% increase in the number of respondents who encountered difficulties about the purchase of some goods from 6% to 9% — those whose psychological state has deteriorated

Infographics: The R&B Group