More than a thousand people in the US died from the coronavirus during the day: trump wants to ban domestic flights

The number of deaths from the coronavirus on Wednesday, April 1, in the United States for the first time amounted to more than a thousand people a day, which twice exceeds this indicator for the two most deadly diseases in the United States – lung cancer and influenza. This writes the “Voice of America”.

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Information on deaths from the virus difficult to keep up to date. However, the database of the Johns Hopkins University, which relies on sources such as the who, the us Centers for control and prevention (CDC), and state Committee of China on health shows that the number of deaths in the United States on the evening of 1 April amounted to 1040 people.

After the first case of coronavirus in the United States at the end of January, according to the morning of 2 April, died because of the disease 5 137 people. The country has more than 216 thousand infected.

Previous sad record was recorded on Tuesday, March 31 when she died of 504 people.

Some researchers admit that by mid-April, the daily number of deaths could double to reach 2,200 people, or even exceed, this figure. In this case, the coronavirus will Eclipse heart disease, the “number one killer”, which on an average day die 1,772.

“Our country faces a great national challenge, – said the President of the United States Donald trump at a press briefing on the virus in the White house. – We have a very heavy two weeks.”

Trump rejected the idea of a national Directive, instructing residents to stay home, but admitted that may prohibit airlines flights between the main centers of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

“It’s very difficult. They fly from one hearth to another, – the President said at a press briefing at the White house. We study this situation. Once you do this, you will clamp industry that desperately needs help.”

“We definitely consider this measure; but once we do, we do destroy a vital industry,” said trump, referring to air carriers.

Presumably, the restrictions may affect flights in the most affected by the outbreak of coronavirus city: new York, New Orleans and Detroit.

“We think about it,” said trump, saying that the ban for domestic flights, the number of which is the already decreased significantly due to a sharp fall in demand for tickets.

Although the President has repeatedly stated the desire to reduce the number of immigrants entering the U.S. from Latin America, he acknowledged that the United States needs immigrant labor who can work on farms for special employment visas.

“I gave American farmers the promise that immigrants will continue to come,” the President said.

During a press briefing Donald trump also made it clear that undocumented immigrants, many of whom came to the U.S. from Latin America, will not be able to count on financial aid from the state, which should soon receive the majority of American families.

At some point at the press conference, trump said, “We must not succumb to fear.”

According to forecasts of the government of the United States, even if Americans will strictly follow guidelines for social distancing in the coming weeks, from COVID-19 unable to die until a quarter of a million people.

Florida, home to 21 million people, was one of the last States where the Governor has issued an order that residents remain at home until the end of April.

In some foci COVID-19 in other States, such as Louisiana, which is also located in the South, the situation is “exploding,” said trump told reporters.

The head of the who Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus, said that the rapid spread of the disease is alarming.

“Over the past five weeks we have witnessed an almost exponential growth in the number of new cases, which covered almost all of the country, he said. – The number of deaths in the last week more than doubled. In the next few days we will reach a million confirmed cases and 50 thousand deaths.”

Trump admitted the possibility of a new deal between Moscow and Riyadh

The President also said that on Friday, April 3, he will meet with the heads of major oil companies. Trump wants to discuss with the leaders of industry ravaged by falling gasoline prices, lower demand for fuel and a price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, ways of assistance, writes “Voice of America”.

He added that he recently spoke with the leaders of Russia and Saudi Arabia, urging the two countries to conclude a deal in “a few days” to end a price war – to agree on a reduction in production volumes and the recovery in oil prices.

“I’m going to meet with oil companies on Friday. I’m going to meet with the independent oil producers – also on Friday or Saturday. Maybe on Sunday. We will have many meetings on this issue”, – said the President.

“The oil industry is destroyed around the world – continued trump. – This is very bad for Russia, it is very bad for Saudi Arabia. Mean, this is very bad for both countries. I think they will make a deal”.




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