More than four years in prison for a cyberpredator

More than four years in prison for a cyberpredator


A cyberpredator who lured teenage girls to obtain nude photos of them which he threatened to post on the internet has been sentenced to four and a half years behind bars.&nbsp ;

“ The hold he held over the victims gave him adrenaline, satisfaction and ultimately, sexual arousal. At the time of the events, Mr. Bossé felt no empathy for the victims, said Judge Yves Paradis at the Montreal courthouse on Thursday. 

Upon entering the room to receive his sentence, Alexandre Bossé, detained for more than a year, briefly greeted a relative before taking his place in the accused's box. 

The young man from The 21-year-old pleaded guilty in May to a slew of charges, including luring, extortion, threatening and producing child pornography.

He approached his victims, aged between 13 and 16, on social networks. Very quickly, the conversations took a sexual turn and the accused sent photos of his penis, asking the victims to return the favor, with nude photos. 

Threats from the expose 

“[The victim] sends him pictures of herself naked. […] Mr. Bossé immediately made other requests, giving her specific instructions as to the poses she should take. When [the victim] wants to end the communication, Mr. Bossé sends her a photo of her bare breasts and threatens to expose her,” said Judge Paradis.His actions had heavy repercussions on his three victims, who are still struggling to recover today. 

“ The important thing for me was that he didn't can no longer do any harm, may it have its own consequences,” the mother of one of the three girls, whose identity is protected by a restraining order, told the Journal -publication.

“Please don't keep this inside if this happens to you,” she pleaded, to other girls who might be going through a similar situation.

Denunciation before rehabilitation

Thus, despite his young age, his lack of criminal record, his collaboration in the police investigation and his guilty plea, the court considers that this case requires “emphasizing denunciation and deterrence”. 

“Mr. Bossé at times seemed more concerned with the personal consequences he experienced […] than with the devastating effects of the crimes on the victims and their families. However, the court is not ready to conclude that his regrets are totally lacking in authenticity,” the magistrate said in his judgment. above average » recounted in an evaluation report.

“The possibility of Mr. Bossé's rehabilitation exists, but depends on a significant personal effort”, estimated the judge.

He leaned towards the Crown's suggestion by sentencing Alexandre Bossé to a sentence of four and a half years in prison. 

He will also be placed on the sex offender register for life . 

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