Moroccan football club has sold 60 thousand tickets for virtual match “against coronavirus”

Марокканский футбольный клуб продал 60 тысяч билетов на виртуальный матч "против коронавируса"

19-time champion of the Moroccan football club “Vidad” organized virtual match “against the coronavirus” and made a ticket for it.

Note that the club from Casablanca plays in the sports arena “Mohammed V”, with capacity for 67 thousand people. The club managed to sell 60 thousand tickets.

“Thanks to the efforts of all parts of the sports club “Vidad” – fans, players, managers, administrators, medical staff, former players and many others, had sold out all 60 thousand tickets to our virtual match against COVID-19″, – reported in Facebook, the press service of the club.

“All funds raised will be donated to a special Fund to combat the pandemic coronavirus, created by decree of His Majesty king Mohammed VI”.