Mortar and Logunov told whether baby-sitting services

According to famous parents, so far they have been refused from the nannies. And this happened after they figured out the nanny who didn’t do his job. According to the Mortar in their house we had a camera and they saw the nurse “came in, turned on the TV and was not involved in the child”.

Ступка и Логунова рассказали, пользуются ли услугами няни

“For example, they don’t cook the food properly, don’t do it in time, leave the dirty dishes, dirty the whole kitchen, not playing with the child. A little bit played, looked through the book, and then watch TV. Do not often come to the yard, and then not go out, not bathe in the evening of the child. They don’t and while all require some crazy amount. More than 1500 per day”, — has confirmed words of the husband of Polina Logunova.

But the couple decided that he would give a two year old daughter Bogdana at the kindergarten. Mortar was assured that the girl likes it.

“When I put her in kindergarten, then we together went there, spent her time there. Then she herself played, and didn’t even notice we left,” said Dmitry.

However, the star dad shared that little Bogdanka growing real artist.

“Bogdanka’s been with me a few times in the theater, she gets on the chair, I says, while to speak well does not know how, but something tells. We fool around together. Miracle baby, it’s good to be a father,” summed up the mortar.