Moscow claims to have killed “up to 80” Polish fighters

Moscow claims to have killed “up to’80” Polish fighters< /p> UPDATE DAY

Russia claimed on Saturday it killed “up to 80” Polish fighters in a bombardment in eastern Ukraine, where fighting is raging between Kyiv and Moscow forces.< /strong> 

“Up to 80 Polish mercenaries, 20 armored fighting vehicles and eight Grad multiple rocket launchers were destroyed in high-precision weapons strikes on the Megatex zinc plant in the locality of Konstantinovka,” the official said. Russian Ministry of Defense in a press release.

This locality, which is written Kostiantynivka in Ukrainian, is located in the Donetsk region, the scene of heavy fighting since the launch of the Russian offensive in Ukraine at the end February.

The Russian ministry did not specify whether the bombardments on this city had been carried out on Friday or Saturday.

He also claimed that “more than 300 Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries, as well as 35 heavy weapons were destroyed in the space of one day in Mykolaiv”, in the south of Ukraine.

Moscow claims to have killed “up to’80” Polish fighters

Moscow claims to have killed

None of these claims was immediately independently verifiable.

Russia pejoratively labels all foreign volunteers who fight with Ukrainian forces as “mercenaries”.  

In April, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that around 30 Polish “mercenaries” had been killed in the Kharkiv region (northeast of Ukraine).