Moscow recognized Janine Agnes interim President of Bolivia until new elections (PHOTO)

Moscow recognizes Janine Agnes interim President of Bolivia since she took office in accordance with legal standards, said Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. At the same time, he stressed that Russia is wary of the lack of quorum in Parliament when the vote on her candidacy, RIA “Novosti”.

“We see here a specific moment that take into account, but it is clear that she will be perceived as the head of Bolivia for the period until the decision of the new President through elections,” the diplomat added. He stressed that what is happening in Bolivia is an internal affair of that state. A similar view was previously expressed in the Kremlin.

“In this case is a sovereign matter. We naturally advocate that everyone in the country took place in the framework of the law and did not led to human victims”, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, answering the question, can we consider that in Bolivia, a coup was committed.

In addition, the foreign Ministry commented on journalistic investigation of the Internet portal “the Project”, stating that “Rosatom” has sent to Bolivia technologists to ensure the victory of Evo Morales with the purpose of protecting their commercial interests. Subsequently, the transfer of this material appeared in the Bolivian media.

“Open anti-Russian character of publications “Project”, using a standard set of cliches of Western propaganda apparently designed to justify spent by Washington on training Badanina funds”, – stated in the message. We are talking about what the founder of “Project” is former editor in chief of TV channel “Rain”, RBC sites and Forbes Roman badanin, trained at Stanford University and received a scholarship from John knight.

The Ministry drew attention to the fact that the theme of “Russian intervention” emerged in the Bolivian media immediately after it became clear that the election goes to Morales. “Despite the fact that the opposition did not use story as a tool to unleash a wave of violence in the country, he paved the way for the buildup of protest”, – concluded in the diplomatic service, saying that the accusations of Russian meddling in elections in Bolivia are “baseless and unsubstantiated in nature.”

Informed the second Deputy speaker of the Senate, Janine Agnes was named interim President of Bolivia, after the former head of state, Evo Morales, resigned. The transition of authority to it approved of the constitutional court of Bolivia. As noted in the statement, because the need for the transfer of power in the Republic was caused by the absence of the President, for this procedure “does not need neither the law nor the decision of the Parliament”.

Article 169 of the Constitution, referred to by Agnes, allows the Vice President or President of the Senate to take the place of the head of state in his absence, a new election must be scheduled within a maximum of 90 days. Powers Agnes acknowledged Brazil and the United States, while Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged the Bolivian army to “restore constitutional order”. Morales himself, who fled to Mexico, called the decision “the most insidious and terrible blow in the history”.