Most clubs in the First League want to terminate the season

Большинство клубов Первой лиги хотят досрочно завершить сезон

The majority of clubs of the Ukrainian First League oppose the overtime of the tournament and want to terminate the season, reports Sport Arena.

Some teams even threatened to withdraw if the PFL will insist on further matches.

It is reported that on the early completion now ponder and clubs included in the top six of the standings. The sides advocated the holding of the tournament between the teams of the top of the First League. Now the majority has changed their opinion.

In this part of the teams hoping to play the tournament, among them – “Volyn”, “Agribusiness” and “Metalist 1925”, which is scheduled to resume team training next week.

A preliminary plan of PFL is the resumption of First and Second League June 2 and end of matches on 25 and 26 July.