Most popular transgender world wedding soon

Famous and successful! He had the perfect family and build a career. There was only one thing that prevented him to be happy – someone else’s body!

У самого популярного трансгендера мира скоро свадьба

On the podium in Montreal strong man with Olympic martial arts – Bruce Jenner. Bruce was an American hero, a symbol of courage. But it will come another moment when Bruce is forced to talk about it all of America. Athlete and entertainer admits that he always felt like a woman and ask in the next call it Caitlin.”I’m always confused with the definition of your gender, even when I was very small!”, — says the showman, Bruce Jenner. Bruce was always lying about who he really is and in the moment after the recognition of the journalist and let her hair down. To assume that Bruce will be a woman to assume nobody could. He was married three times and his last marriage was with the mother of the famous model Kim Kardashian. But something went wrong, or rather, it was not always so.
“I looked at guys and wondered how they feel comfortable in their own body! And I’m just stuck in the middle!”, says Bruce.
At one point, Bruce has decided to finally and began hormone therapy, made a few surgical procedures and will soon be on the table of the surgeon to permanently change sex.

The family first took the news cautiously, and daughter even help to find Caitlin’s own style. Now he, that is she is having his own show on American TV, which shares the experience of transition from male to female and lives with 22 – year-old blonde Sophia Hutchence. Sofia also used to be a man and this couple with a 50 year age difference hint about the wedding…