Mother from Florida was arrested for threatening to stage a shooting at the school her children

A resident of Florida, irritated by the change of zoning of their local school district, stated the intention to have a shooting at an elementary school where her children were transferred in connection with the moving of the County.

Мать из Флориды арестовали за угрозу устроить стрельбу в школе, где учатся ее дети

Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

28-year-old Miranda Perez was arrested and charged with the utterance of threats against elementary schools Barton in lake worth beach (FL). The woman voiced the threat on the morning of 11 August, during a chat in Facebook with a friend, writes Fox News.

“I’m thinking about how to hold fire in the Barton school,” wrote Peres in a statement on Facebook after the video chat.

Her comments were brought to the attention of the authorities, although it is unclear exactly who reported them to the police.

During questioning, Perez admitted that he really sent such a message, but the woman insists that it was an “empty threat.”

During a video chat Perez also said other disturbing phrase. She stated that it plans to submit a request to add to friends in Facebook Zachary Cruz, because she likes “all sorts of cruel things.”

Zachary Cruz is the brother of 20-year-old Nicholas Cruz — the mass killers that in 2018, killed 17 people at a high school in Parkland (FL).

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • 14 February 2018 in middle school in Parkland, Florida, the shooting occurred in which 17 people died and several were injured. This crime became one of the most mass shootings in a school in U.S. history.