Mother Naamah Issachar withdrew the motion to delay the extradition of the hacker Burkova in USA (PHOTOS)

Мать Наамы Иссахар отозвала ходатайство о задержке экстрадиции хакера Буркова в США (ФОТО)

November 5 Jaffa Issachar, mother convicted in Russia of the Israelite Naamah Issachar, through his lawyers asked to withdraw the petition with a request to suspend the extradition to the US of a Russian citizen Alexey Burkov. He is accused of hacking and may have information about the activities of Russian special services. According to some reports, Moscow would be interested to exchange Burkova on Issachar.

Jaffa Issachar explained that the request was hard for her decision. However, she doesn’t want her daughter “became a tool for Russian hacker and its people.” She expressed the hope that the conditions of detention of Naamah in the Russian colony will not deteriorate because of her decision to forgo a possible exchange, writes NEWSru Israel.

“I fully trust the President and the Prime Minister who will continue to communicate with the Russian President, seeking the immediate release of Naamah,” says Jaffa.

On 30 October, the Israeli justice Minister Amir Ohana signed a decree on the extradition of Alexei Burkov in the United States. Attorney Michael Ironi Burkova expressed regret in connection with decision Potection. He also planned to appeal to the Supreme court of Israel.

The family of Israeli woman Naamah Issachar, sentenced in Russia to 7.5 years of imprisonment, also expressed his intention to appeal to the Supreme court demanding to cancel the decision of Potection as extradition Burkova in the U.S. reduces the chances of the release of Naamah. The girl’s family called the Minister’s decision “immoral and inhuman” and said that Naama is a hostage of political games and Israel is obligated “to get her out of this nightmare”.

On the evening of 31 October, the attorneys representing the family of Issachar, filed a petition in the Supreme court, which granted their request.

On 3 November, the Israeli justice Minister Amir Ohana, said that no objection to the suspension of extradition to the United States of a Russian citizen Alexey Burkov.

We will remind, Alexey Burkov, a programmer from St. Petersburg, already four years is under arrest in Israel. He was taken into custody at the request of the American authorities in December 2015 at the checkpoint “Taba” after he, during a journey through Egypt we decided to visit Eilat. Throughout this period, the Israeli courts considered the extradition request Burkova from the American prosecutors. The bodies of American justice accused him of crimes in the computer field. According to unconfirmed reports, Burkov may shed light on the details of the intervention of the Russian intelligence services in the American elections.

Three years ago the Minister of justice, met with Israeli justice Minister Ayelet shaked and asked Israel to abolish the extradition Burkova in the United States. He even offered to extradite Burkova in Russia to justice at home. The trial regarding the extradition of Alexei Burkov lasted for four years, and recently Israel’s Supreme court issued a positive decision on the issue of extradition of hacker to US. However, the decision was to approve the Minister of justice.