‘Mother of American roads’: how route 66 became the most famous highway in the United States

Highway 66 (Route 66) — called the “mother of American roads”. Its appearance is seriously affected the development of economic and social life of the United States. Asphalt tape with a length of 4 thousand kilometers connected Chicago and Los Angeles, essentially linking different parts of the country, says the author of Yowayz channel / Multi travels on “Yandex.Zen”.

'Мать американских дорог': как шоссе 66 стало самой известной автострадой в США

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The American people in different ways was to unite. This road was one of them. In popular culture it became famous in the 50-60-ies of XX century, thanks to the popular songs became hits, and television series. Now this is a significant part of American history.

1. Route 66 was opened on 11 November 1926. However, the road signs were missing until 1927, a full asphalt road got to 1936.

2. Originally, the highway began in Chicago, Illinois, passing through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, new Mexico, Arizona and ended in Los Angeles, California, covering a total of 3940 km.

3. In 1926 in Missouri was released a road map of the state where the highway is marked as US 60. But this number has caused a lot of controversy representatives from other States because they too had plans for him in relation to their roads. In the end, the chief engineer of the road, believed in numerology, proposed number 66, the main number that brings earthly joy and success.

4. On the development of the highway affected by the Great depression. In search of work, the Americans were ready to travel across the whole country. Many believed that happiness in California. It sought to get the poor to earn at least a couple of dollars. They were traveling on 66th road in despair, but with hope. For Americans, route 66 has actually become a way of life.

5. Route 66 during its history has undergone many changes: changed the roads and the total length of the highway. Most of the fixes were aimed at the acceleration of motion, improving safety and creating detours around major cities. One such change has moved the Western end of the highway from Central Los Angeles further West, in Santa Monica.

'Мать американских дорог': как шоссе 66 стало самой известной автострадой в США

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6. The beginning of the end for route 66 was the signing in 1956 of the act of Interstate highway President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was influenced by the experience of crossing the country in a truck convoy in 1919, when he was a young officer in the U.S. army, and his recognition of the German Motorways as a necessary component of national security system.

President Eisenhower decided to improve the American way, lead them to the German model, to make them high-speed, multi-lane.

Route 66 killed, the law on construction of Federal highways. The highway was gradually deserted, and soon everything stopped.

7. In 1985 route 66 was removed from the highway system of the United States in connection with the fact that a large part of the route was duplicated by more modern and high-speed interstates.

A number of States have kept the road under the name Historic route 66, some States have moved it into the category of County roads.

8. However, the highway survived thanks to the efforts of residents of cities located close to the highway. Many of them considered the new law a betrayal of the 66th, who has done so much for Americans. The highway does not fit into the modern life of the country was a historic route.

'Мать американских дорог': как шоссе 66 стало самой известной автострадой в США

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Places 66-I is an auxiliary road on which the best route to any town. In some places, abandoned areas, where it all started and overgrown with weeds.

But the main sections of Route 66 have been preserved, and for him every day, sweeping cars and motorcycles with tourists in a fun way learn the history of the country.

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