Mother of Brigitte Bardot in his youth, convinced the actress that she is ugly

September 28-Brigitte Bardot celebrated 85th anniversary. In my youth because of pressure from his mother, who dreamed about his son, the actress believed in their ugliness.

Мать Бриджит Бардо в юности убеждала актрису, что она уродлива

Parents raised Bardot in severity. 7-year-old girl and her younger sister were forced to turn to loved ones for “you”, and in case of disobedience were punished with a whip. The mother forbade the daughter to have sweets. The future actress grew up in constant fear, every day listening about his ugly and colorless appearance and was a notorious person.

“I don’t understand how men can admire my good looks. I was grateful for every compliment and was afraid to go outside without makeup, sometimes even slept with painted lashes,” — said Bardo.

The actress had many suitors and husbands. She was a good mother, gave her son to her grandmother to raise. The boy didn’t love her and when meeting always started to scream.