Mountains and good ciders to discover in Montérégie

Mountains and good ciders to discover in Mont&érégie


During my hikes in the Monteregian hills, I have been in the habit for a few years of stopping in the shops of the orchards holding a cider house. 

< p>Mont Saint-Grégoire 

At Érablière Charbonneau, a trail leads to a lookout on the mountainside. It's free. Also on Chemin du Sous-Bois, at the CIME (Centre for the interpretation of the ecological environment of Haut-Richelieu), trails are signposted. The tour takes an hour or two.

Nearby, on Rang de la Montagne, there is a cider house with a tasting bar at Les Vergers Denis Charbonneau. Their rosé sparkling cider, flavored with strawberry and raspberry, stands out, but my favorite remains the Cuvée du Frère André, a really festive white sparkling wine.   

Mont -Saint-Hilaire

Stéphane Petit, owner of Vergers Petit et Fils, in his cozy boutique.

Very popular and little known by name, the Gault Nature Reserve is crisscrossed by just over twenty kilometers of trails. The classic route consists of going to Lake Hertel, stopping there and then going to Sugar Loaf for the viewpoint. Online reservations required.  

On Chemin de la Montagne, less than two kilometers from the trails, is the Vergers Petit & Son, home to a cider house. I tasted a dozen of their ciders, all of which I liked because they are dry. My favorite: the Rabaska, aged in oak barrels

Mont Rougemont

In the cellar of Cidrerie Michel Jodoin.

Leaving from Cidrerie Michel Jodoin, a three-kilometre loop trail leads to the summit. To be able to locate yourself at all times, download the Ondago map to your phone before departure. 

If for the hike, it is not necessary to book, it is however necessary to do so for a tasting at the cider house. In addition to the ciders, I tasted their Mistelle rosé, to sip like a port. 

By the way, almost any cider can be made hot, with cinnamon and other flavorful spices like star anise. After an outing in the open air, it is delicious and comforting.   





The Oka footbridge 

In the Grande Baie, the footbridge on stilts has been rebuilt. Length: more than 300 meters. From the top of the tower on the shore, you can see that the route takes the shape of the head of a crested duck, the emblem of the national park.  

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Alain Demers is the author of the book Rediscovering Quebec: 101 destinations, published by Éditions du Journal.