Movie for the whole family: service Kartina.TV launched best quarantine action

“Home, Sweet Home,” — said Americans until quarantine. With the introduction of restrictions on movement and forced sitting within four walls, this phrase has all the chances to become a “Home awesome Home”. Especially those who are now forced to save every penny and cannot afford expensive subscriptions to streaming services and other entertainment.

Кино для всей семьи: сервис Kartina.TV запустил выгодную карантинную акцию

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Internet TV Kartina.TV offers a way out for such people and invites to spend free time usefully, using the new action “In the quarantine Kartina.TV”. Go to the website of the action and get 14 days of free viewing of thousands of films and programs in Russian!

Кино для всей семьи: сервис Kartina.TV запустил выгодную карантинную акцию


Positive energy during this difficult period will help a fun and colorful film “Hotel Belgrad”.

It will not only entertain the viewer, but will send him on a journey through the Balkans. According to the film crew, the film was important to show not only the meetings, partings, love and chase, but also to acquaint the viewer with the stunning Balkan culture and mysterious Belgrade.

The producers and creators of the film “the Hotel “Belgrade” and I have worked together on the project “Slave”, which became the highest grossing domestic film in Russian history, and played it Milos Bikovich the main rising star of Russian cinema.

Role in the project “Hotel “Belgrade” was for Milos the perfect occasion to show all the movie lovers your hometown with the most attractive side. To help the viewer more into the culture of Serbia, miloš Bykowicz for the first time sang. The soundtrack to the film takes the actor himself. Besides Serbian, the song “Daria” was also recorded in Russian.

Кино для всей семьи: сервис Kartina.TV запустил выгодную карантинную акцию


The film’s plot revolves around a young wealthy womanizer, and Paul. He lives in Belgrade and owns a luxury hotel in the centre of the capital. Women do not give him passage, Paul never misses a party, and all problems are solved, only having to appear in his life.

Suddenly, Paul gets into a really difficult situation. He accidentally breaks an expensive collector’s item that belongs to a local crime boss. To compensate with money damages, he could not: he simply has no such sum, and the hotel Pasha mafia is not needed. Instead of paying for the bad thing he wants Paul to marry his daughter the Vedrans. A girl far from the views of Paul about the ideal, but he agrees, because the other options have no boyfriend.

Happy bride begins preparing for the wedding, and Paul, walking through the ancient streets of Belgrade, suddenly meets his old love Dasha. Their love story is familiar to viewers of the plot of the series “Hotel Eleon”. Since then, several years passed and Dasha get married and fond of travelling. Pasha introduces a girl with a unique Serbian city and colour. Cozy restaurants and romantic sunsets over the Danube re-kindle the feelings of the characters. But the rehearsal dinner the Pasha are in full swing, and the future father-in-law dreams of the heirs.

The main character, who came to Belgrade, played Diana Pozharskaya, won the love of audiences with his work in the films “Heat”, “Hotel Eleon”, “bad joke” Actress was left in complete awe of the film’s plot and Balkan hospitality.

“This is not a continuation of our novel, started a few years ago, a brand new love story that began in this magical city,” says Diana.

Кино для всей семьи: сервис Kartina.TV запустил выгодную карантинную акцию


Director’s chair film took Konstantin Statskiy (“C”, “Polar”, “Trotsky”, “How I became Russian”). “Our film is an incredible love story. To participate in the film, we involved a great Serbian actors. Also, we very carefully approached to the choice of locations for filming. I am sure that the audience will fall in love with the amazing landscapes of Serbia, feel the atmosphere of Belgrade. The film will captivate their hearts and will leave behind a magic romantic atmosphere and positive emotions.”

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