MOZGI group presented the first official soundtrack for the Comedy “wedding Skujene 2”

The film will be released in wide release for the New year – December 25.

MOZGI group presented the first official soundtrack to the tape.

Группа MOZGI представила первый официальный саундтрек к комедии «Скажене весілля 2»

The song is called “CB2”. Sound producers of the film Alex Potapenko (Potapov) and Alexey Zavgorodniy (Positive) created some mad musical action in which he remembered all that fame Ukrainian wedding bread and salt, traditional fights, crazy festivities like the last time and unforgettable emotions — “I’ll never forget her, if you survive.”

The mood of the song was accompanied by a clip with exclusive footage from the movie, which will be released in wide release for the New year – December 25. In the video MOZGI humming and a real hit the first part of “Skazanego wedding music” – the song “Best day.” Turned out so cool that from the applause in the final video I could not resist myself Nazar Zapuhljak (Yuri Gorbunov).

Except the participants of group MOZGI in the clip, there is another important character of the franchise, a yellow Volkswagen T1 is one of the unofficial symbols of the project can be seen in the teaser campaign of the movie and the movie itself. The plot of the video is on this yellow Volkswagen MOZGI be at the wedding of the characters.

The song “CB2” will be the Central theme of the first official trailer for the film “Skujene wedding 2”. The wide release of the trailer will take place next week.

Recall that the shooting of the second part Comedy “Skujene wedding music”was launched in August this year. In the center of the story – Basil Seredyuk – a caring father, a faithful husband, a good host. A year later, as the youngest daughter dressed in a wedding dress, as the eldest daughter leads to the house of the unexpected son-in-law. So, we have scheduled a second frenzied wedding. And to live it out, the Basil will have to accumulate all their strength and to tap the hidden reserves. The audience will see new characters, new curiosities and new experiences.