MOZGI the band released the anniversary album Middle Finger

New star MOZGI appeared in the Ukrainian astronomical catalog on the day of the release of their fifth anniversary album. Middle Finger – multi-lingual edm album, which included 9 tracks and 7 hermitages.

Группа MOZGI выпустила юбилейный альбом Middle Finger

To mark the fifth anniversary of Ukrainian band of intrepid astronauts Potapov, Positive, Uncle Vadya DJ Bloodless and went on an exciting musical adventure on the rocket Middle Finger. Stellar intergalactic mission flew far away from Earth to say Hello from the future. Energy MOZGI music is their weapon with which they save the planet.

During his musical space travel in the new album MOZGI establish a connection with another planetary civilization, meet with the mayor of Mars, meet the Israeli ship, share earthly dreams, homesick, calling the intergalactic mobile favorite. And most importantly – tell and show the world what beautiful Ukraine!