MP from New Zealand during a meeting of Parliament said the opponent meme “Okay, Boomer”

Депутат из Новой Зеландии во время заседания парламента ответила оппоненту мемом "Окей, бумер"

25-year-old MP from New Zealand Chloe Swarbrick used the popular meme “Okay, Boomer” during a speech in Parliament to put in place of another Deputy, reports

As reported by CNN, of Swarbrick spoke in support of the bill, which sets a goal to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050. “In 2050 I will be 56 years old. But now the average age of the 52nd Parliament is 49 years”, – said the Deputy before she was interrupted.

Swarbrick is not confused, she threw the opponent: “Okay, Boomer,” and continued his speech.

The phrase “Okay, Boomer,” in late October – early November became a viral meme among the Millennials and generation Z. the social network TikTok appeared numerous videos where young people answer in such a way on the comments of senior people from the generation of baby boomers – those born from the mid-1940s, years before the mid-1960s. the New York Times described the phenomenon of the sarcastic phrase “OK, Boomer,” as “a cohesive response fed up kids” on a preachy or condescending older replica.

Later, Swarbrick on Facebook commented on the discontent of those who felt her words disrespectful.

“Today I learned that concise a joke to address someone who laughs at your age, while you talk about the impact of climate change on your generation, with the literal name of their generation is driving people crazy. It seems that the millenials killed the humor,” she wrote.