MP predicts failure of Ukraine at the Olympics because of the lack of our athletes proper conditions of training (video)

Депутат прогнозирует провал Украины на Олимпиаде из-за отсутствия у наших спортсменов надлежащих условий подготовки (видео)

Jean Beleniuk

Two-time world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling and Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the party “servant of the People” Zhan Beleniuk said at a briefing in the Parliament on the initiatives of sports and budget committees when the budget for next year that were not supported by the government.

In particular, the silver medalist of the Olympic games in 2016, lamented that the budget for next year has not included a sufficient allocation of money for sport.

“The proposals of our Committee, which were approved by the budget Committee, was postponed and is not considered by the government. Namely increase the salaries of trainers of DYUSSH, it needs 677 million. The project is, but for its implementation need Finance that it was not only on paper.

The funding and creation of new sports arenas, as well as repair existing ones. The budget Committee supported the allocation of 150 million hryvnia, but in the draft budget it is not allocated money.

Also was not supported (government the allocation of money for the construction and reconstruction of sports pools. Again, 200 million UAH, the budget Committee supported our proposal, but the government was not supported. Alas.

Yet the government has not supported the construction of a modern biathlon complex for 100 million UAH Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The budget does not take into account the financing of sports medicine and sports network of dispensaries, which is not accounted for in the draft budget at all. This means that in the following Olympic year, our athletes will not be adequate conditions to prepare for competition.

I had a personal conversation with the Minister of Finance and will meet again to raise these serious issues to be heard, says Beleniuk.

The MP offers to look for alternative sources of funding for Ukrainian sport.

In the absence of resource on the financing of sport in Ukraine it is necessary to seek additional sources of funds. One of them, in our view, is to legalize gambling.

We will support such laws only if they will provide deductions, including on the sport. Our position – the government should care about sports and do all dependent to our athletes celebrated the country in international competitions, including the Olympic games,” concluded Beleniuk.At the same time, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk on his page in Facebook wrote that in the state budget of Ukraine for 2020 allocated 4.1 billion UAH for the development of sport. It is noted that these costs are 18% higher than last year.