MPs have come up with harsh punishment for debtors in a communal apartment

In Ukraine are going to deny driver’s licenses to those citizens who have debts for utilities.

The draft law №3613 developed the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

Депутаты придумали жесткие наказания для должников по коммуналке

Debtors in a communal apartment want to deprive the right to drive a car, to travel abroad, to use a gun and go hunting.

Themselves debt offer to automatically deduct from the salary or the assets, including cars and housing.

And to collect debts it was easier, the document eliminated the need to pay court fees when filing claims for the recovery of debts.

You can still manage to pay off debts

According to the text of the bill, has until October 1 of this year, all debtors need to repay or restructure its debt, signing a contract with service providers or with the management company (in the case of, for example, rent). Extend payment for up to 60 months depending on the amount of the debt. But in the month of payment may not exceed 25% of income for workers. It is important that in the case of a contract on the restructuring of the debtor will retain their right to receive subsidies and other benefits.

Deputies have prepared the Ukrainians

If such a contract is not, then debtors will have to wait for the court, and a writ of enforcement. It can be of several types.

The first is the monthly automatic recovery of 50% of wages until full repayment of debts. If a communal debts exceed the amount of payments for three months, the recovery may occur at the expense of property of the debtor.

Moreover, as the authors of the project, not a hindrance.

“Treatment about the recovery of wages shall not prevent an appeal on recovery of the debtor’s property, if there exists outstanding indebtedness, the aggregate amount of which exceeds the amount of payments for three months”, – stated in the text of the document.

If debt recovery is not possible, then the debtor will record the debt. In addition, the amount of debt will be added regularly penalty for each day of delay, but not more than 100% of the total debt.

If the debt for communal exceeds the sum of the respective payments for one year, the penalty will be 20% of the debt if the two years is 30%, three years – 50%.

The document also offers a number of intangible punishments for debtors. In particular, in the presence of debt, the executor may make an order prohibiting travel abroad, the restriction of the right to drive a car, to use a gun and go hunting. And all this before the full repayment of the debt.