MST opposes foreign fees Ukrainian athletes

Минспорта выступает против зарубежных сборов украинских спортсменов

The Ministry of culture, youth and sport of the Council of the Ukrainian sports federations, above all the Olympic sports, it is possible to transfer foreign training camp in Ukraine.

The reason is the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the world.

“I ask our Federation to think about our athletes and the background of the situation with the spread of the epidemic of the coronavirus to bring their risks to a minimum. The epidemic affected more than 50 countries, it is rapidly spreading in Europe. But no need to panic, you need all the time to monitor the situation. Contact with their foreign colleagues, write letters to the international Federation. If possible, give up training camps abroad and spend them in Ukraine. The Ministry will you in every way to help”, – quotes the Deputy Minister of sports Vladimir Shumilin UKRINFORM.

“As for the competition, the situation is more complicated, because we need to fight for Olympic licenses and avoid fines for missing tournaments. However, if you choose between a medal and health, I choose health. Therefore, I ask again, the health of our athletes should be in the first place. Today there are no prohibitions from the MKMS or the foreign Ministry regarding foreign travel, but the decision to participate in the competition should be made carefully, with minimal risk,” said sports functionary at the meeting with heads of sports federations.