Murderous spree: no parole for 20 years



A week after pleading guilty to three murders, René Kègle was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 20 years and the relatives of the victims were able to hear harrowing testimonies at the Palais de Justice of Trois-Rivières. 

On a common suggestion, accepted by judge Raymond W. Pronovost, René Kègle will have to serve 20 years in prison before being eligible for parole, for the murders of Ophélie Martin-Cyr, Steve Lamy and Jean- Christophe Gilbert. 

That's a little more than the defense would have liked, and a little less than the Crown hoped to obtain. This decision was made in consultation with the families of the victims.

“This is the offer that the defense made to us and which seemed to suit the families despite everything”, explains the Crown prosecutor, Me Benoit Larouche. For her part, the defense lawyer, Me Anne-Sophie Bédard, assures that her client is satisfied with the suggestion that was made.

Before the judge, the relatives were able to speak directly to René Kègle. 

After the prosecution described the injuries that were inflicted on Ophélie Martin-Cyr at the time of her murder, her father, Mario Cyr, rose from his chair.  

In anger, he exclaimed “look at me, big dog” to the accused who had his head down and his eyes on the ground.

The sister by Steve Lamy also gave his testimony. 

“You destroyed me, you took a part of me away from me,” she said. added “You who have children, can you imagine losing one of your children the same way you deleted Steve?” difficult to pronounce.

Steve Lamy's ex-wife, and the mother of his son also went to court. 

Like Steve Lamy's sister, the testimony was difficult, and punctuated by tears.

On several occasions, René Kègle wiped his eyes with his hands. 

He sometimes nodded, and seemed very attentive to what loved ones had to say. 

For the families, even if the emotion is still strong, it was not a question of revenge .

“It has a significant impact the fact of recalling, on sentence, different tragedies. They were people who, during their meeting, showed a very, very great resilience, I have rarely seen that,” said Me Larouche

According to the defence, the accused intended to plead guilty for a long time. 

However, as he has no memory of the events of October 2018, precautions had to be taken. 

“This explains the long delay because Mr. Kègle, as I said earlier, he feels ashamed, he has remorse, he has regrets and he did not want the families victims have to undergo a trial”, shows Me Bédard.

It was also revealed that René Kègle attempted to take his own life before the start of the first trial. 

This is what delayed the trial for a week. 

Informed of the situation, a cousin of Steve Lamy told him “please don't not that. Live with your nightmares like us.”

In a few sentences, René Kègle apologized to the families, particularly Mario Cyr and Joëlle Lamy, who were present in the courtroom. < /p>

I wish that one day, the loved ones of his victims will be better. 

For family members, this outcome will allow them to begin to put this whole story behind them .

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