Muscle mass protects men from heart attacks and strokes

Middle-aged men, able to boast an impressive muscle mass, significantly less likely to become victims of heart attacks and strokes. This was on the basis of long-term research project scientists from Australia.

Мышечная масса защищает мужчин от инфарктов и инсультов

The staff of the Australian national University followed the health indicators of men over forty-five years within ten years, and drew attention to the pronounced correlation, which was that men with the most impressive muscle mass less rest suffered strokes and heart attacks.

“The most muscular men on average eighty percent less likely to have encountered such deadly manifestations of chronic cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes” — say the study authors, noting that the relationship between the amount of muscle mass and protection against heart attacks and strokes was observed regardless of other factors.

“Men with the most severe muscle mass was observed, as a rule, good blood pressure, plus, they have a normal body mass index and low propensity for development of diabetes. These are the factors of risk of development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is not surprising that men who take care of themselves, rarely die from heart attacks and strokes” — added the researchers.