Muscle weakness in men is associated with risk of stroke and heart attack

If the man maintains muscle tone, to forty-five years, this can result in a greatly increased risk of heart attack or stroke. The study with the conclusion published by researchers from different countries, United for joint scientific work.

Слабость мышц у мужчин связана с риском инсульта и инфаркта

After thirty years in men starts to decline muscle mass. If you do not make an effort on its maintenance, then muscle mass is reduced by three to five percent every ten years. At first glance it seems that slightly, but really weak muscles can lead to dangerous consequences.

Scientists from the University of Athens in Greece, the University of Canberra in Australia and the Centre for research in Biomedicine in Spain investigated the data of two thousand men and women, and found that the probability of heart attack and stroke is highly dependent on muscle mass, if we are talking about men. In women, the corresponding correlation expressed much weaker.

“Men over forty-five years, muscle mass is one of the main parameters by which to assess the risk of heart attack and stroke. We found out that study participants with the greatest muscle mass were approximately eighty-percent lower risk of heart attack (and stroke) than men with the weakest muscles” — say the authors of a scientific work.