Muscularity protects men from heart attacks and strokes

An impressive muscle mass is a reliable prevention of heart attacks and strokes among middle-aged men. The researchers made this conclusion by watching for 500 men for 10 years.

Мускулистость защищает мужчин от инфарктов и инсультов

Researchers from the Australian national University observed a few hundreds of men over the age of 45 for 10 years. They found that those men who had the most pronounced muscle mass, get the best protection from heart attacks and strokes. So the most muscular men and women 81% less frequently encountered diseases of the heart and blood vessels, compared with those who had the least muscle mass.

The relationship between muscle mass and protection from cardiovascular diseases was observed for men taking into account such factors as diet, income and level of education. Experts believe that this may be due to the difference in hormones as they grow older and how these hormones affect metabolism. In particular, the most physically developed in terms of muscularity in men was observed the lowest values of blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. All the risk factors of heart disease.

Unfortunately, Australian researchers did not specify how much muscle mass you need to have a man to gain the additional protection. They just divided the participants observations into three groups, depending on the amount of muscle. However, the results of the study concluded that more physical activity and a high protein diet allow you to save the maximum amount of muscle, and it is the most reliable means of protecting the health of the heart.