Mushrooms as a gift for their 1st home

Mushrooms as a gift for their 1st home


A young couple from Longueuil were devastated to discover mold, a piece of soft ceiling and a major plumbing problem when moving into their very first apartment.

“It's as if a knife had been thrust into my heart. So I invested time for that, says Marie-Soleil Francis Sylvain, 19 years, the motton in the throat.

On July 1, when the young woman and her boyfriend, Guillaume Lafranchise, 22 years old, discovered the accommodation in a state they described as “unlivable”, the couple started to cry . 

Mold is visible under the floor.

“The floors are full of mould, in some places the ceiling is all soft, you could pass through, and there is no pipe for the kitchen sink. It’s leaking everywhere, we should put a cauldron to do the dishes,” explains Marie-Soleil Francis Sylvain with disgust.

Beyond the ubiquitous dirt on the walls, a strong smell of damp reigned in the apartment today, noted Le Journal during a visit.  

Note that this unattractive apartment is for rent for $1035 per month, an increase of $210 compared to the previous rent.

Breaking their lease

< p>The two Longueuil residents want to quickly move on and find themselves a new suitable home. They do not intend to live in this accommodation. 

” We don't want the money, we don't want the month's rent. We just want to break the lease so they can find something else. We want the company to stop saying it's viable “, explains Marie-Ève ​​Goulet, Guillaume Lafranchise's mother. 

“Livable accommodation”

The couple contacted the MSI Gestion Immobilière group, the owners, after being informed of the state of the accommodation. 

The latter sent a person to visit the premises when Marie-Soleil Francis Sylvain and Marie-Ève ​​Goulet were present. 

In an email sent to the tenant, the operations manager of MSI Property Management, Terry Cloutier, writes: “We don't understand why you consider the housing unsanitary. The accommodation is not dangerous to your health and it is habitable.”

Le Journal contacted Mr. Cloutier, who declined to comment on Sunday. evening.

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