Musical film “In your dreams”: Marie-Pierre Arthur wanted to “be proud for a long time”

Musical film “In your dreams”: Marie-Pierre Arthur wanted “ ;to be proud for a long time»


If it were up to Marie-Pierre Arthur, grants would be available to allow more Quebec artists to produce musical films like hers, which has been broadcast by since one week.

“I would love that, but I doubt we will have access to grants like the ones we had during COVID. Unless it stays in the morals. It would be crazy”, says the singer-songwriter, allowing herself to hope. 

Marie-Pierre Arthur is indeed not the first, since confinement, to explore this new way to make his music live or revive. Les Cowboys Fringants and Marie Davidson have also proposed this kind of production where the musical performances are presented in a sophisticated visual dressing. 

“It requires a long pre-production. It's like going to the theater. It was more organized than anything I was used to, I went to the end of my knowledge”, shares Marie-Pierre Arthur, delighted with the end result. 

“I wanted to do something something that I was going to be proud of for a long time and that I was going to be happy to see again when I am an old woman. 

Inspiration 80 

< p>Throughout In Your Dreams, produced by Olivier Picard and Cynthia Mateu, Marie-Pierre Arthur revisits eleven titles from her repertoire, including five from her latest album Des feus pour voir, in the company of a group not stung by verses, formed by François Lafontaine, Nicolas Basque, Robbie Kuster, Joe Grass, Olivier Langevin, Erika Angell, Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Lisa Iwanicky-Moore. 

They had fun. In the first part, the 1980s serve in particular as inspiration for the remodeling of Lay Down Arms, The Canvas and Rien à faire, whose new arrangements leave a large place to synthesizers.  

“It’s krautrock mixed with Talking Heads. That kind of atmosphere. I listened to it a lot when we were preparing the film and it shows”, reveals the star of the film. 

To evolve the song 

To Marie-Pierre Arthur, this film gave her a great opportunity to develop her songs, an essential exercise in her creative process. 

Between the start and the end of a tour, she says besides, his compositions look alike “fuck all”. 

“A song always evolves on stage. In fact, those who do not make it evolve, I do not understand where they find their pleasure. Me, he's there”, confides the one who is also beginning the preparation of a new album these days. 

“I am in the exploratory phase”, says Marie-Pierre Arthur . 

It is therefore too early to discern a musical orientation, but for rock lovers, it promises “a bit violent punches, but not grunge.”