Musician Marilyn Manson will play in the third season of “American Gods”

Marilyn Manson will star in the next season of the popular television series “American Gods”. Popular in the USA and outside the country musician and actor will play in a few episodes he will appear in the image of the leader of the rock group Blood Death.

Музыкант Мэрилин Мэнсон сыграет в третьем сезоне «Американских Богов»

According to available information, Manson was offered the role of a supporter Odin is the Supreme deity of the Norse mythology. He 50-year-old musician announced his intentions on September 17, we are talking about the role of the bloodthirsty Johan Wingren — the lead singer of death metal band of Vikings. Musical group gives strength to the Mr Environment, which plays in the popular American television series Ian McShane.

Carl egli, showrunner of the project, expressed his opinion. He stated that he is a fan of talent, Marilyn Manson, and he is recognized as an outstanding musician and actor. Should be considered a great honor to invite onto the set of a true master and work with it, noted egli.