Musk said that no evidence of the existence of aliens. Otherwise, he would have known (PHOTOS)

Маск заявил, что нет признаков существования инопланетян. Иначе, он бы знал (ФОТО)

The founder of the American company SpaceX Elon Musk during his speech at the launch complex SpaceX in Texas said that nothing indicates the existence of aliens, reports TASS.

“Maybe there’s some other life, but we saw no sign of her,” said Musk, adding that otherwise he would know about it.
He also recalled the popular joke about the so-called “Area 51”, where, in the opinion of conspiracy theorists, the military is hiding evidence of the existence of aliens.

The event, which was broadcasted on the official website of SpaceX, was timed to the anniversary of the first withdrawal of payload into orbit created SpaceX’s launch vehicle Falcon-1 (“Falcon-1”) in 2008.

During his speech, Musk spoke about the company’s plans regarding space ship Starship, designed to fly to Mars.