Muslim supporters have condemned Salah for celebrating Christmas (photo)

Striker of the national team of Egypt and the English “Liverpool” Mohamed Salah on December 25 in his Instagram put up a photo, which he, along with his family celebrates Christmas.

Muslim fans of Mo immediately reacted to this photo, leaving more than 51 thousands of negative comments.

“Celebrating Christmas is a sin. I am very surprised to see you in front of the tree. Karim Benzema is also a Muslim and he did not celebrate. Well, I wish you a happy Christmas!” – wrote one fans.

“Mohamed, do you know that celebrate the statement that Allah had a son who was born today? Have you lost your mind?” another said.

“Have you ever seen a Jew or a Christian celebrating Muslim holidays? No, it’s outside of their faith. And Christmas is not an Islamic holiday,” wrote another.

There were those who supported Salah, but their support is drowned in a sea of negativity.