“My discussions with Patrice went well,” says Don Sweeney

“My talks with Patrice went well,” says Don Sweeney


Striker Patrice Bergeron does not have a valid contract with the Boston Bruins for the next season, but according to general manager Don Sweeney, we must expect the Quebecer's return to the bosom of the club in 2022-2023.

The GM spoke with the media on Wednesday, on the eve of the National Hockey League entry draft at the Bell Centre. was optimistic, even if the player concerned – who had surgery on his elbow – has not yet confirmed his return to the game.

“My discussions with Patrice went well. His fitness is going well…we're excited to know that he plans to play and look forward with what we believe is a positive attitude,” Sweeney said, as reported by the Bruins' Twitter account. /p>

“He had an operation on his elbow for a reason and in my opinion it was not just to feel better during the summer. I'm starting to feel a little more confident that he will head in the direction we want,” added President Cam Neely.

Bergeron, 36, has completed an eight-year, $55 million pact. He began his reflection on his professional future several weeks ago, he who will be technically free as air from Wednesday. However, number 37 has said he will wear a Bruins uniform if he decides to play another campaign.

DeBrusk and… Krejci

Questioned on other matters, Sweeney clarified that Jake DeBrusk had indeed given up demanding a transaction. 

Some observers have made the link with the change of guard behind the bench, Jim Montgomery taking the place of Bruce Cassidy, who was fired despite scoring 107 points during the regular season.

“It’s true, he put aside his request. […] We are very happy that Jake has moved on from his feelings for the Boston Bruins and wants to be with us. 

“He had a whole second half of the season, recalled the DG. He deserves all the credit for this increase in production. We expect to see him again. On the other hand, if there are opportunities to improve the team – and Jake knows this well – we will take a look at them.”

Speaking of possible improvements, the case of David Krejci returned to the surface. The forward left Boston last year to return to the Czech Republic and be closer to his family, but the Bruins' option for the upcoming season remains an option.

“I have been in contact with David and his representatives. He spent a lot of time deciding with his family what he will do. The conversations went well. It's about when he decides and if we will be the club he chooses,” Sweeney said.