My heart is torn, cause I choose the Astros

My heart is torn, for I choose the Astros< /p> UPDATE DAY

Fall is arguably the most exciting time of year for baseball fans. It's the beginning of the post-season playoffs which end with the presentation of the World Series. 

Throughout the playoffs and after each game, I communicated with Phillies President Dave Dombrowski. 

For those who don't know him, here's a little about his career path and some highlights of his role with the Expos.

Cordero, Floyd and White

He was the director of the Expos' affiliate network before he became general manager. 

During his tenure as head of development, there were three young players who made their mark. Expos history: shortstop Wilfredo Cordero, exciting outfielder Rondell White and explosive power hitter Cliff Floyd.

These three youngsters were part of the centerpiece that allowed the Expos to dominate the National League in 1994. However, the Major League Baseball strike in 1994 caused the cancellation of part of the regular season and the playoffs. playoffs, including the World Series.  

His departure 

Major League Baseball awarded a baseball franchise to the City of Miami , whose owner was Wayne Huizenga, who asked Claude Brochu, the president of the Expos, for permission to negotiate with Dave Dombrowski.

He wanted to have Dave as general manager so that he could build this new franchise from A to Z. 

Dave is the same man who took French lessons so that he could communicate with Montreal fans in French. The same man who got involved in the Quebec community. 

To ask the question is to answer it. 

Expos president Claude Brochu accepted the request, because you knew it as well as I, for Claude Brochu, it was more important to save money than to win. 

A winner

The Marlins won the World Series under Dombrowski. He then joined the Detroit Tigers, who qualified for the World Series. Then the Red Sox picked him up and, believe it or not, he won another World Series.

On December 11, 2020, he accepted an offer from the Philadelphia Phillies to become the team's president of baseball operations. Two years later, his team is still competing in a World Series.

Who will win the World Series? 

A quick analysis of the two teams should clarify their powerhouses. 

The Phillies are dominant at receiver and first baseman, but outfielders Kyle Schwarber (Phillies) and Yordan Ruben Alvarez (Astros) are on par.

Astros starting pitchers, relievers, infielders, and center and right fielders are superior to Phillies players. 

Squash Beaters< /strong>

I spent long hours with Dave Dombroski discussing baseball, playing cards with him on plane flights and I can't forget the many beatings I have suffered against him in squash.

Also, I can't forget the many times he invited my mother to baseball or took the time to call her at her party.

This year my heart is getting more and more torn as I favor the Astros over the Phillies squad of my good friend, Dave Dombrowski. 

Wait! Wait ! Wait!

Can the best player on both teams, Bryce Harper, mend my broken heart and lead the Phillies to World Series conquest?

My heart is torn, for I choose the Astros