Nadezhda Granovskaya were lit in the group “VIA Gra”

Now 37-year-old Nadezhda Granovskaya is a successful singer, TV presenter and designer, and mom of three children. In the photo, which she publishes in the network, it often appears in a feminine and elegant images. By the way, the artist in his youth dreamed of becoming a ballerina and still can boast with perfect stretching.

Надежда Грановская показала, как зажигала в составе группы «ВИА Гра»

However, the new publication on his page in Instagram Hope provoked a strong reaction — the singer showed archival video with her participation, which is already 18 years old. Then the sultry brunette was a member of the popular group “VIA Gra” and together with Alena Vinnytsia circling the heads of many men.

The video is still a young Meyher in sexy latex jumpsuit sings the song “VIA gra” “I will not return”, while performing a hot dance Valery Leontiev. On stage is also already a long time ago.

Video: Nadezhda Meyher at the age of 19 in the group VIA Gra (

“Fans sent. We @valera_leontiev then at the Christmas meetings of Alla be on fire. I can’t believe it was 18 years ago. Yes, and I’m still “green” (I was then 19 years old), he’s quick what. Many then thought it worked out choreography, EN-no))) it was a pure improvisation from two professional dancers. Do you remember these meetings???” — said the singer.

Admiring followers showered Hope complimetary and noted that he did not doubt that she now can turn worse.

  • Here is the passion of Hope
  • Uhhhh, really hot
  • Nadia’m sure you now can. And even cooler! What are our years
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  • Remember this show. Then all my friends men were in love with the rising star of Hope.
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