Nadia Dorofeeva 7 months struggled with the illness that affected her face

Singer of the popular Ukrainian group Time and Glass Nadia Dorofeeva — not only an artistic singer, but also a beautiful woman. She admired men, and many girls want to be like her.

Надя Дорофеева 7 месяцев боролась с недугом, который повлиял на её лицо

But it was not always 9 years ago Nadia Dorofeeva 7 months was treated for the effects of the flu, which is not the best way impact on her skin. About it the actress said in an interview with the Glory Demin in the show “Glory”.

9 years ago I got the flu, took a course of treatment, but not cutting probiotics. Start dysbiosis. The first manifestation was on the face, it was covered with pimples. I went to the beauticians, they are treated with ointments and masks, but the situation only worsened. This period lasted seven months. I cried every day when I look at myself in the mirror. Arrived at the shoot, and my whole face was covered with pimples. When I covered it with a layer of Foundation, made it even worse

the singer told Time and Glass.

Paradoxically, it is that kind of fell in love with her Vladimir Dantes, who was married to Nadia. And to cope with the problem Dorofeeva helped mom with the help of which the singer was diagnosed with a goiter.

I remember I boarded the train, all in acne, not painted… Vova somehow in love with me. Maybe he sees bad, the first time I was surprised. But he promised — you got me started a relationship, everything goes. When we arrived in Crimea, to my parents, my mom took me to the hospital in Simferopol, I passed all the tests, been treated for dysbiosis and all passed. However, Dylan still thinks it is to his credit

added the artist.

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