Nadia Dorofeeva boasted chiseled figure

Nadia Dorofeeva won the hearts of thousands of fans of their original style and an inexhaustible positive. The girl does not get tired to surprise fans and delight them with fresh photos on the personal page in Instagram. So, before the singer appeared in a gentle manner with trend accessory, but later he has prepared for them a far more piquant surprise – she appeared in the bra is generously embellished with rhinestones and black shorts with a high rise.

Надя Дорофеева похвасталась точеной фигуркой

Artist located right on the dressing table in the dressing room near the mirror with backlight. Knife – white stockings-leg warmers. Her hair was done in neat, large natural curls on the stylish massive Hoop, decorated with small stones and rhinestones. Makeup is done in keeping with trends – lipstick creamy texture sudovogo bodily hue. Spectacular detail decorations on the face with gentle droplets-crystals .

“It’s good to be naughty,” — playfully signed Nadia curvy frame.

Fans came to a complete delight from seductive and sexy singer. They did not miss the opportunity to atone for her generous compliments.

  • Honey, you’re a Princess
  • You look great
  • Bomb fire
  • Super, very beautiful
  • Awesome! Just like the Queen
  • You’re beautiful
  • The best baby
  • Magic! You are beautiful, Nadia! Most-beautiful! Insanely hot!
  • Wow wow, take it easy