Nadia Dorofeeva can’t decide on new clothes

Nadia Dorofeeva loves to pamper her huge army of fans of stylish inspiration. Note that the lead singer of pop group “Time and Glass” and also fashionista. Have Dorofeeva has its own concept store with clothes from Korean brands, it showcases the hottest trends, and also enjoys experimenting with style. And although at the moment Dorofeeva is preparing for the upcoming concert in Kiev, showing various videos of the rehearsals, she also did not forget to boast of stylish new clothes.

Надя Дорофеева не может определиться с обновкой

So, on his page in the network instagram Dorofeeva has published a series of vivid photos of the dressing room. On pictures Nadia shows stylish images — in short shorts, pants, coats, voluminous shirts, etc.

The Ukrainian singer complains about the difficulty of choosing:

“Well, here’s how to choose?!” — asks Dorofeeva.

Надя Дорофеева не может определиться с обновкой

Fans Nadi decided to help her, and left hundreds of comments under her new post:

  • “You just have to take everything,” — says Vera Brezhnev.
  • “Take it all , it is the best Vario”
  • “No clothing is decorated with Hope, and Hope clothes”
  • “Beige on all occasions, the right move!)”
  • “Take it all, can’t go wrong! You are beautiful in all images”
  • “Oh, be my everything)”
  • “Selection IMPOSSIBLE”
  • “Beige really suits you,so pretty”
  • “Too perfect”
  • “Nadia, you’re a model! Take it all!”