Nadia Dorofeeva decided to try to love autumn

Golden autumn and the warm weather is the time for that. to make beautiful photos with red-yellow leaves. Couldn’t resist and member of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva, which previously showed fans top 7 daily habits.

Надя Дорофеева решила попытаться полюбить осень

On his page on Instagram the actress shared an incredibly atmospheric autumn shot where she is holding near the face of a bright piece of paper and happily laughing. Nadia is dressed in a pink pullover and black jacket and posing against walls, twined colorful yellow-red leaves.

“This year will try to fall in love with autumn” — promised Dorofeeva.

In the comments fans admire the beauty of the beloved actress, and also note that the picture turned out great.

Could not resist and Nadia’s husband Vladimir Dantes.

“Krasotaaaaa”, — he wrote and accompanied the comment with hearts.

  • Autumn-to-face, face with a smile, smile, happiness, autumn is you
  • The beauty of our
  • What a beautiful, you are for many people an example
  • I think autumn is already in love with you)
  • God what a beautiful
  • God what
  • O may that beauty dazzles my eyes
  • Very beautiful and atmospheric autumn picture!
  • Just unreal
  • What a beautiful
  • You’re our main sun this fall
  • Unrealistic Atmospheric